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Class D Coordinator - Julie Robertson
We hope that the men who participate in our jail work program will leave with a better work ethic, better self help skills and the ability to work well alongside others. These things will hopefully help them to be positive and productive members of society upon their release.
Inmate Workers

Our Work Program consists of Class “D” and Community Service inmates who are classified by Kentucky Department of Corrections to work in the community.  These inmate jobs range from road clean up, lawn care, road maintenance and recycling efforts

Visitation Rules:


We will be making the following changes to the workhouse visitation times.
The first visit will be held at 12:00pm and the second visit will be at 1:30pm.
All other visitation rules will remain the same.

  • One hour contact visits are held for the Workhouse inmates on Sundays.
  • Visits are held at the main jail facility.
  • The first visit is held at 1:00pm and the second visit is at 2:30pm.
  • Workhouse inmates will be given the option of one (1) one-hour contact visit Sunday afternoon as assigned or two (2) 15-minute no contact visits. One on Wednesday morning at 6:30am and the other Sunday afternoon at 12:30.
  • Contact the main jail for the time assigned to the inmate you wish to visit.
  • You must be signed in by the visitation start time.
  • No cell phones or cameras allowed.
  • Visitors must show picture ID.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No food or drink may be brought in by visitors.
  • No contact orders shall be enforced during visitation.
  • Any visitor appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any visitor who is loud or unruly will be asked to leave and may be arrested.
  • Persons who have been housed at the work house or have felonies pending shall not be allowed to visit workhouse inmates without prior approval of the Jailer.
  • No weapons concealed or otherwise.

Permitted Items:

Upon an inmate being initially placed at the workhouse they may have one delivery (mailed or in person) of items that are on the updated permitted item list. This must be received within 10 days of their transfer. After that they are only allowed items that are mailed directly from the manufacturer or ordered from canteen.

The updated permitted item list is as follows:

Coat 1
Coveralls 1
Jacket 1
Pants - Dress 1
Pants - Sweat/Sleep 5
Pants - Work 5
Shirts - Dress 1
Shirts - Sweat 3
Shirts - Work 5
Shoes - Dress 1
Shoes - Shower 1
Shoes - Tennis 1
Shoes/Boots - Work 1
Shorts 5
Socks (Pair) 10
Thermals (sets) 3
T-Shirts 5
Underwear 10
Sunglasses 1
Hangers (plastic-no wire) 10
Mesh laundry Bag 1
Hair clippers 1
Hat/Toboggan 2
Gloves 1
Headphones (no wireless) 1
CDs (total) 10
Clear CD Player 1
Clear AM/FM Radio (no MP3 player) 1
Twin Sheet set 1
Pillow 2
Blanket 1
Batteries (AA) 12
Batteries (AAA) 12
If it is not listed it will not be accepted. Inmates may not have in excess of the permitted items. Items that exceed limits will not be stored.
They will be sent home with family, donated to Angel's Attic or thrown away.


Eligible inmates in state prisons that are interested in residing in the minimum security workhouse and are willing and able to work 40 hours a week
and maintain good conduct are encouraged to write the Jailer - Ken Claud.

The workhouse is a tobacco free facility.
Any items left that are not on this list may be destroyed.

The person leaving the property shall be required to list on the property sheet all articles left. 

The Jail may refuse any item if the inmate already has a sufficient amount of property or that is not clean.

Same phone, commissary, mail and fee schedules apply as for main jail.


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